Understanding Out Of Body Experience

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Published: 17th December 2010
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An out of body experience or OBE, is when someone has the sensation of floating outside his or her body. This scientifically proven experience normally takes place when a person is very near-death.

There is also a phenomenon known as astral projection and this is when your physical body is being observed by you from outside of your body, this is also an out of body experience.

It is not a concept that should be scorned, because many who have come near death have returned to recount their memories of seeing their physical body lying in a room. These people are also able to describe activities that occurred in the room during their experience.

It was in 1943 that this term began to come into usage, instead of the more belief- centric term of 'projection'. In olden days, out of body experiences were called 'spirit walking'. Scientists are still researching about this particular phenomena because they cannot consider it to be something imaginary.

This is due to the fact that the statistics back up the claims that out of body experiences do take place. Consider that one out of every ten people have experienced an out of body experience at some point I their life.

Sometimes, some people undergo an out of body experience spontaneously. On other occasions, this might be brought on due to mental and physical trauma, the use of psychedelic drugs or even when a body has slipped into a state of trance or coma.

Many websites make promises about experiencing the joys of astral projection and astral travel. It's actually not difficult to do if you understand the right way to go about it. Supposedly an out of body experience is a natural process, and we know the ancients used them frequently.

Unfortunately the generations of the ancients that are here today have forgotten about the art of astral projection. The good news is that out of body experiences do not require a high level of mental power or spiritual awareness or connectivity.

This does not mean that a person doesn't have to concentrate on one point. Understand that your conscious mind is going to hold you back out of fear. The fear that once your astral body is out it won't be able to get back in, hence leaving you an empty shell. This fear is a subconscious fear.

There is an underlying belief that your astral body can leave the physical body for a short time. For people that embrace this belief, astral travel or out of body experiences are easier to do. This is due to the fact that this person's mind has already been conditioned to let go, which is essential to astral projection.

In essence, you have already suggested to your conscious mind that it should let go of the fear. If, however, you fear that you'll remain in limbo after escaping your physical body, it's better to not try until after you eliminate that fear.

One the mind has been silenced and you know that you believe the astral body will return you can use mediation or hypnosis to achieve a successful out of the body experience. This should be begin by thinking positively, repeatedly tell yourself that you want to astral travel and that it is safe. Once the mind finally takes over you will find that you are very open to the idea of astral travel.

Find a location where you won't be disturbed, and lie down with your arms at your sides. Allow Mother Nature and your aura to harmonize. Breathe deeply and begin letting your physical body relax in a way that will allow your astral body to leave and go into spaces that are outside your physical and mental understanding.

You will soon start to feel your body beginning to tingle. Allow this sensation. Anytime a conscious thought sneaks into your head, push it aside and focus on gentle, deep breathing.

The first thing you will notice is that you feel vibrations and your heart rate will increase. This is the way that most out of the body experiences begin. Let the vibrations envelope you, let them take over your body and your soul. Very soon you are going to experience your astral body leaving the physical body.

Many people that have gone through an out of body experience say the OBE ended because they feared they were getting too far from their physical body.

They also state that they know they had an out of the body experience because they were a part of the different experiences taking place in another realm. If you believe that you can astral travel you will be able to astral travel.

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